Saturday, April 30, 2016
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Yield Engineering Systems, Inc. is known worldwide for supplying quality process equipment to Semiconductor and related industries, including MEMS, Medical, BioSensor, Microarray, Nanotech, Hard Disk Drive, and more.

YES manufactures equipment for a variety of processes including vacuum curing, plasma cleaning, resist removal, surface modification, anti-stiction coatings, silane chemical vapor deposition and other specialized applications. YES has proven to withstand the test of time with products that increase yields, extend performance, and improve processes.

All equipment is engineered, manufactured and tested in Livermore, California USA! The answer is YES to quality, flexibility, superior products and service!

C2MI LogoAs a member of C2MI, we have access to a 135 million dollar clean room which contains three YES tools. C2MI is a unique collaborative space and allows the opportunity to foster the growth of the microelectronics industry.

In the near future, the emerging sector of microelectronics will be playing an even greater role in technological advances. Below are YES' tools at C2MI:

YES-VertaCure YES-VertaCoat YES-VertaVac
YES equipment achieves superior photoresist adhesion, CVD for thin film coating, polyimide and low-k dielectric cure, and plasma cleaning/stripping.
YES systems achieve precise surface modification of medical slides and silicon chips used in microarray processing, as well as provide biocompatible coatings.
YES systems provide a MEMS coating to reduce stiction and dehydration for a clean, stable surface.
YES systems run PV processes for deposition of layers and layer uniformity to plasma processing and cell manufacturing.
Hard Disk Drive
Hard Disk Drive
YES systems use nanolithography surface preparation processes, resulting in improved surface modification and coating processes which extend the life and performance of your devices.
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