Plasma Photoresist Strip/Descum Systems

YES-CV200RFS Specs


  • Photoresist removal
  • Polyimide removal
  • Organics removal
  • CD Master cleaning
  • Descum processes

The YES-CV200 systems removes thick layers of photoresist or polyimide in the shortest amount of production time. Powerful plasma stripping removes tough resist in an automated, user-friendly system. Or, for gentler cleaning operations, the "descum" function can be selected.

Touch screen control and real time pictorial readout of system status and maintenance requirements are standard. Process data is output to a recording computer and compiled into a Microsoft® Excel report.

Benefits of Plasma Cleaning:

  • Environmentally friendly – no wet chemical usage
  • Higher yields
  • Repeatable results
  • Strip rates up to 6,000-7,000 Angstroms per minute
  • Zero CV Shift

System Features

Variable Power Supply

YES systems allow variable plasma power settings for flexibility – from 150 watts to 1250 watts. This flexibility enables a wide range of applications, from aggressive strip processes to gentle cleaning and surface modification applications.

Downstream Process

Plasma must pass through a grounded, perforated plate to reach substrates. This grounded plate serves to balance the charge in the plasma and shield your product from damaging UV exposure. For sensitive CMOS devices, low plasma charge paired with less UV exposure significantly reduces plasma damage that may induce a CV shift is essentially zero.

Temperature Control

YES plasma strip/descum systems offer precise temperature control to achieve uniform, repeatable results.

Multiple Process Gas Inputs

YES plasma strip/descum systems come standard with four process gas connections. Mass flow controllers (MFCs) are available as an option for mixing gases.


  • Mass flow controllers
  • Automatic downstream process control
  • Data collection and analysis
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News & Updates

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