Yield Announces Solution for WLP Issues

Wafer-Level Packaging (WLP) Equipment Manufacturer, Yield Engineering Systems, Inc. (YES), Announces Solution for WLP Issues

The YES-VertaCure is assisting the electronics industry by making their next generation of products smaller and more powerful.

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Livermore, CA (PRWEB) March 16, 2015

Yield Engineering Systems, Inc. (YES), an equipment manufacturer for the wafer-level packaging (WLP) industry, offers a line of high temperature vacuum cure ovens that are designed for today’s most advanced polymer processing applications. The YES-450PB manual oven has been on the market for over 10 years. YES has built upon the manual tool and now manufactures the automated equivalent, the YES-VertaCure. The YES-VertaCure can accommodate fifty 200/300mm wafers at temperatures up to 450°C.

The YES-VertaCure is assisting the electronics industry by making their next generation of products smaller and more powerful. With the use of Redistribution Layers (RDL), packaging process steps are being performed at the wafer level instead of later with wire bonding. An important component of RDL is the polyimide layer protecting the WLP/ RDL leads. A consistent, repeatable polyimide curing process is critical in achieving uniform dielectric properties. YES polyimide cure ovens provide the process conditions required for proper curing of the polymer layer.

Customers are able to achieve total environmental control to increase yields and extend device performance. Other process benefits include:

  • Uniform solvent evaporation
  • Complete imidization
  • Lowest possible oxygen level
  • Stress-free polyimide films
“Smartphone, tablet and laptop computer consumers are depending on their electronics to be small, lightweight and fast,” said Bill Moffat, Founder & CEO. “Electronics manufacturers are looking for a way to please their consumers while still making a profit. YES tools increase good die yield, thereby saving money. “

For more information regarding YES’ High Temperature Vacuum Cure Ovens, visit http://www.yieldengineering.com or contact them toll free in the USA or Canada at 888-937-3637 or worldwide at +1-925-373-8353 ext. 210.

YES was founded in 1980, and is headquartered in Livermore, California, USA. They provide quality process equipment for semiconductor, photovoltaic, WLP, FPD, MEMS, medical, nanotech industries and more.

YES manufactures high temperature vacuum cure ovens, silane vapor phase deposition systems, plasma etch and clean systems used for precise surface modification, surface cleaning, and thin film coating of semiconductor wafers, semiconductor and MEMS devices, biosensors and medical slides.


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