Yield Engineering Systems (YES) builds process control equipment to serve the needs of the semiconductor, biotech, and nanotech industries. YES equipment enables precise surface modification--surface cleaning, process curing, and thin film coating. Depending on your need, surfaces can be super water resistant (hydrophobic) or adhesive (hydrophilic).

Applications include photoresist adhesion for semiconductor wafer fabrication, MEMS coatings to reduce static friction (anti-stiction), bioMEMS coating to promote biocompatibility, and modification of silicon chips and slides used for microarray processing (DNA, gene, protein, tissue, antibodies).

YES product lines:

Dielectric vacuum Cure Ovens

(polyimide, BCB, low temp polymers cure,  low-k dielectrics and copper anneal)
YES-VertaCure (fully automated)
YES-PB Series (manual batch load)

Vapor Deposition Systems

Vapor Phase Deposition Systems

(precise silane deposition using significantly less chemical)
YES-VertaCoat (fully automated)
YES-ÉcoCoat (Formerly YES-1224P - manual batch load; with plasma)
YES-LabCoat (R&D-tabletop size)

High Vacuum Ovens

(complete moisture removal and moisture prevention)
YES-VertaVac (fully automated)
YES-PB-HV (manual batch load)

Plasma Strip/Descum Systems

(powerfully strips tough layers of photoresist and polyimides)

Plasma Cleaning Systems

Plasma Cleaning Systems

(gently cleans substrates without using hazardous solvents)
YES-G1000 (4 powered shelves)
YES-G500 (2 powered shelves)
YES-G1000LMC (loaded magazine cleaner)

Vacuum Bake/Vapor Prime Systems + Image Reversal

HMDS Prime Ovens + Image Reversal

(pairs dehydration + low pressure for superior HMDS/substrate bonds and negative images are formed with same ease as positive resist)

Process Management Software

Process Management Software

(increases visibility and control over your process)

Stainless Steel Process Cassettes

Stainless Steel Process Cassettes

(endure high temperatures and repeated use)

Our goal is to provide our customers with improved processes, not just precise tools. We have a complete staff of process, design, mechanical, electrical, software and service engineers ready to assist with your process needs. All our work is done in house—we do not outsource. This keeps our resources close at hand when you need us.

We welcome the opportunity to explore your specific process needs. Please call 1-925-373-8353 or 1-888-YES-3637 (US toll free). Or you can submit an inquiry online, contact us.

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