Plasma Strip/Descum Systems


YES plasma stripping systems remove thick layers of photoresist and polyimide in the shortest amount of production time. Powerful plasma stripping "sandblasts" tough resist in an automated, user-friendly system. Or, for gentler cleaning operations, the "descum" function can be selected at the switch of a button.

Plasma cleaning technology replaces hazardous and messy wet chemical processes previously used to strip thick layers of photoresist and polyimide. Plasma stripping systems are effective for tough jobs as well gentler applications such as descumming and removing organics.


  • Photoresist removal
  • Polyimide removal
  • Organics removal
  • Etching
  • Surface preparation
  • CD master cleaning
  • Descumming

For a powerful, environmentally friendly stripping tool, we invite you to read about YES-CV200RF Series systems.

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