YES Announces Initial Shipments of Environmentally Friendly YES-ÉcoClean Photoresist Strip/Descum System

Yield Engineering Systems, Inc. (YES) Announces Initial Shipments of Environmentally Friendly YES-ÉcoClean Photoresist Strip/Descum System

Small, cost-effective automated single-wafer plasma systems are heading to customers in Asia and the USA.

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Livermore, CA (PRWEB) December 20, 2018

Yield Engineering Systems, Inc. (YES) today announced initial shipments of its YES-ÉcoClean automated, single-wafer plasma system for applications including photoresist removal, descum, polyimide removal, organics removal and copper oxide removal. The new systems were selected by industry-leading firms in Asia and on the East and West coasts of the US; shipments to Europe are slated to begin in Q1 of 2019.

“We are pleased by the momentum of this revolutionary new addition to our product line,” said Ken MacWilliams Ph.D., CEO of YES. “The elegantly simple, environmentally friendly YES-ÉcoClean platform provides our customers with high technology at an extremely cost-effective price point, and will expand our reach into the high-growth ‘more than Moore’ market, including power/RF, augmented/virtual reality, autonomous driving, IOT, microLED displays and many other industries.”

Encompassing both front-end and back-end processing, the YES-ÉcoClean offers an inexpensive solution with excellent performance control, delivering user-controlled strip at a rate of 100 - 100,000 Å/min. For precise wafer handling, it includes a single cassette, a single chamber and an accurate Z travel robot. The new system is designed with only three moving parts for high reliability, and its frugal 0.74 m² footprint -- half that of earlier systems – conserves valuable fab space.

Innovative Plasma Source Enables More Effective Cleaning With No Toxic Exhaust

The YES-ÉcoClean’s inductively-coupled plasma source produces a high-density plasma that creates reactive species which flow out of the plasma generator and down to the wafer vacuum chamber. The charged plasma species are confined within the plasma generator, allowing only charge-neutral species to flow from the source and interact with the substrate, causing no electrical damage and providing a higher strip rate and more uniform results than older technologies. Because it uses a non-toxic gas (oxygen) rather than fluorine, the YES-ÉcoClean eliminates the need for expensive exhaust treatment and scrubbing required by prior solutions.

For more information regarding the YES-ÉcoClean, visit or call YES toll-free in the USA or Canada at 888-937-3637 or worldwide at +1-925-373-8353.

About Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.

San Francisco Bay Area-based Yield Engineering Systems (YES) manufactures high temperature vacuum cure systems, vapor phase deposition systems, plasma strip/descum systems, plasma etch and clean tools used for precise surface modification, surface cleaning, and thin film coating of semiconductor wafers, semiconductor and MEMS devices, biosensors and medical substrates.

With a recent infusion of capital, new management and advisory board team, YES is entering its second phase of high growth. The company enables customers in multiple high-growth segments including advanced packaging, MEMS, medical/biotech, AR/VR, display, LED, power, communications, and other emerging technologies.


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