Yield Engineering Systems, Inc. (YES) Management

Ken MacWilliams, CEO, Yield Engineering Systems, Inc. (YES)

Ken MacWilliams, CEO


Willliam A. Moffat, Founder & CEO

William A. Moffat, Founder

Mr. Moffat is a process engineer turned entrepreneur. He founded Yield Engineering Systems (YES) in 1980, introducing a vacuum bake/vapor prime system that innovated front-end processing in the semiconductor industry. Mr. Moffat was born and educated in the UK; he received an HNC in Electronics and an HNC in Mechanics from Stockport Technical College. He previously held engineering positions at AEI, W.T. Glovers & Co., British Aerospace, Ferranti's, Motorola, Rockwell and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

Dan Dunkly, President

Dan Dunkly, President

Mr. Dunkly joined YES in 1985 and was promoted to President in 2000.  Prior to becoming President, he held a variety of senior positions, including, COO, VP of Manufacturing and Operations Manager. His current responsibilities include directing the company through challenges of strategic planning, growth, opportunity, and financial planning.  He is also the current acting Operations Manager, Key Materials/Manufacturing Planner, and Engineering Supervisor. 

Lori Cantrell, VP Sales & Marketing

Lori Cantrell, Executive VP Sales & Marketing

Mrs. Cantrell leads sales and marketing for YES and has been with the company since 1991. Mrs. Cantrell has worked in the semiconductor, real estate, and retail industries and has extensive experience in finance, sales and technical writing. She received her marketing communications training through San Jose State and holds an achievement award in Internet Marketing Communications.

Fred Garcy, Chief Financial Officer

 Technical Team

Ken Sautter, Chief Process & Applications Engineer

Ken Sautter, Process Applications Manager

Mr. Sautter is a customer turned employee, which brings a lot of insight into his position as chief process and applications engineer. He started with YES in 2005; since then, the bulk of his days have been spent running tests and troubleshooting processes with customers. Formerly, he served as an officer in the U.S. Navy and worked for GCA, Solitec, and Vertical Circuits. Mr. Sautter has a B.S. in Chemistry from M.I.T. and an M.S. in Imaging and Photographic Science from R.I.T. He also holds 16 patents related to equipment and processing.


Saeed Taghipour, Engineering Manager


Bo Randazzo, Field Service Manager

Bo Randazzo, Field Service Manager

Mr. Randazzo leads our support and field service technicians. He's been with YES since 1989 and has a background in electronics, automotive mechanics and digital electronics. Mr. Randazzo received his training at Central County Occupational Center (CCOC). Since joining YES, he's traveled far and wide to customer locations, ensuring smooth system installations and start-ups.

News & Updates

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Located in Livermore, California, Yield Engineering Systems (YES) is a privately held company that manufactures engineering process control equipment to meet the needs of innovative engineers and lab managers.

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