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Meeting the Needs of Innovative Process Engineers

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Located in Fremont, California, Yield Engineering Systems (YES) is a privately held company that manufactures engineering process control equipment to meet the needs of innovative engineers and lab managers. YES designs and builds high temperature vacuum cure ovens, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) systems, and plasma etching tools used for precise surface modification and thin film coating spanning several markets.

Markets served include:

  • Semiconductor (front-end processing)        
    YES equipment promotes photoresist adhesion to wafers using a process that requires 99% less chemical usage over wet processes.
  • MEMS Processes
    YES equipment provides a hydrophobic coating to reduce stiction, the undesired static friction that wears down devices.
  • BioMEMS & Biosensors (lab-on-a-chip)
    YES equipment applies a coating that fosters biocompatibility between synthetic material and natural tissues.
  • Microarray Processing (DNA, protein, gene, tissue, and antibody)
    YES equipment promotes silane/substrate adhesion using a process that uses less chemicals and facilitates higher temperature boiling for the silanes.
  • Nanotech
    YES equipment can accommodate functionally diverse silanes, for a variety of processes, on a variety of surfaces. With new chemical compounds being developed almost daily, YES equipment provides the flexibility to handle chemicals today and in the future.
  • Hard Disk Drive
    YES process equipment provides nanolithography surface preparation processes, resulting in improved surface modification and coating processes which extend the life and performance of your devices.

Building Equipment to Increase Yields & Extend Device Performance

YES systems achieve precise surface modification and cleaning in order to increase yields and extend the life and performance of devices. YES systems are designed to meet today's most demanding process applications and provide stringent environmental control, so you get the results you want.  Additionally, YES systems provide the flexibility needed by research and design engineers, while achieving the simplicity of recipe needed for the manufacturing line. Our equipment can grow with your process, from R&D to pilot line to high volume manufacturing.

Providing Customers with Improved Processes

Our goal is to provide customers with improved processes, not just great tools. We have a complete staff of process, design, mechanical, electrical, software and service engineers ready to assist with your process needs. All our work is done in house—we do not outsource. This keeps our resources close at hand when you need us.

Over 35 Years of Experience

For over 35 years, listening to our customers has driven our new product development. Responding to the needs of innovative process engineers is more than our business model--it's our passion.

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